mit Izabela Norin

Can you tell us what your daily skincare routine looks like? Does your routine changes with the seasons?

I always clean my skin in the morning, to remove the products I applied in the evening and also the clean from impurities that formed on the skin during night. I usually use ACO Pure Glow Mousse, as I love its cleansing effect and also the perfumes. If I’m not in a hurry, I apply a serum. The type of the serum depends on the season – I use light hydrating serums during warm seasons and during autumn and winter I change to more creamy ones. I use different serum types – some of them only hydrating and soothing, others are anti-aging and helping to reduce impurities. I always use a moisturizer. And here I also vary - I use a moisturizer with SPF during spring and summer and beginning on autumn. During winter I use usually a moisturizer without SPF, as in Stockholm we don’t have so much sun during this period. I use either ACO Age Delay products or ACO Pure Glow Night Balm, which is my absolute favorite, as I have a combination skin type, and this cream suits me perfectly. I use it even as a day cream, if I don’t need SPF.

In the evening I always remove my make up. I use ACO Sensitive Balance Micellar Gel and sometimes ACO Pure Glow Mousse. I love using mousse together with a face brush, such as Foreo Luma Cleansing Brush. As in the morning, I sometimes use a booster, and then a moisturizer, such as ACO Pure Glow Night Balm or ACO Age Delay Night cream. As with day creams, type of the cream depends on the season. We have very dry air in Sweden in winters, so I usually use a cream for dry skin, even if I have a combination skin type. If I have any energy left, I sometimes use a moisturizing face mask after I clean the skin.

What products are always in your handbag?

My handbag is filled with electronics – I always have two phones with me, two sets of Bluetooth headphones and a power bank. I also have a “cosmetic kit” with a compact powder, 2-3 lipsticks or lipglosses, small body or hand cream and a hand sanitizer. I either have a water bottle (my favorite ones are those with insulation, in order to keep water cold), or a thermos-mug for tea or coffee.

What are your cannot live without/favorite ACO products and why?

I have few favorites I can’t live without. They are: ACO Pure Glow Mousse and Night Balm, Sensitive Balance Micellar Cleansing Gel, Face Scrub, Age Delay face creams (all of them) and Intimate Soap.

Is there a quote or motto that you try and live by?

It may sound very “kitschy”, but my motto in my work life has always been to help others to get better and healthy skin. I used to have a lot of skin issues when I was younger, and I know how low self-esteem people can have when their skin looks bad.  I want to help them to enjoy their skin and life more.

Could you share your biggest skincare tip?

1. Clean the skin thoroughly at least once a day

2. Avoid sun and use UV-filters

3. Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize

4. Choose the products that suits you and your skin problems, not because they suit someone else

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty means to me that I’m comfortable in my skin, regardless age and appearance.

We all know by now that drinking a lot of water is great for your skin, do you have other healthy habits that contribute to good skin?

We are what we eat, and skin is no exception from that. Some food may cause that skin does not feel good, e.g., too much sugar may cause increased oiliness and impurities. If we don’t provide enough vitamins, skin will also “feel” that and not function as it should.

Izabel's Favoriten

Pure Glow Renewing Daily CleanserExfoliierender Reinigungsschaum mit BHA-Säuren


150ML (€11.99 / 100ML)

Pure Glow Rebalancing Night BalmPflegende Nachtcreme mit exfoliierenden Enzymen


50ML (€49.98 / 100ML)

Sensitive Balance Micellar Cleansing GelMizellen Reinigungsgel mit Präbiotika und Hyaluronsäure


200ML (€9.00 / 100ML)

Age Delay Day Cream Normal SkinTagescreme, die Hautalterungsprozesse verlangsamt


50ML (€59.98 / 100ML)

Age Delay Night Cream Normal SkinNachtcreme, die die hauteigene Kollagenproduktion boostet


50ML (€59.98 / 100ML)

Age Delay Day Cream Dry SkinTagescreme, die Hautalterungsprozesse verlangsamt


50ML (€59.98 / 100ML)

Age Delay Night Cream Dry SkinNachtcreme, die die hauteigene Kollagenproduktion boostet


50ML (€59.98 / 100ML)

Isabela Norin works for the ACO brand for two decades already! She is an experienced chemist and researcher specialized in development of skin care formulations, from the idea to full-scale manufacturing and quality maintenance. She is as close to the product as it gets!